Matt L. In my experience, Ryan Boggs’ expertise, understanding, and service as a real estate professional is unmatched in the Sacramento area. I have bought and sold multiple homes in the Northern California region and beyond, and have engaged in transactions for both primary residences and investment properties. I can tell you that, without a doubt, Ryan has been the top real estate professional with whom I have worked. His courteousness, professionalism, and industry knowledge all culminate in a home-buying/selling experience that is second to none! As we enter spring and approach the warm season, the housing market tends to warm up as well. As I consider any decisions with respect to any of my current holdings , I will definitely be reaching out to Ryan Boggs and Porchlight properties, and only Ryan Boggs. I would recommend that anyone considering real estate business in the greater Sacramento Area do the same. I am confident that you will be happy with the decision.

Keith R. We’ve worked with Ryan Boggs on real estate transactions dating back to 2002. Ryan has been the listing agent on a home we’ve sold, represented us on the purchase of a home, and consulted with us on other real estate deals. It’s been an outstanding experience in all respects. Ryan’s knowledge of the market, client advocacy, attention to detail, ethics and professionalism are all second to none. On top of all that, Ryan is a kind, pleasant person who is always a joy to work with. We routinely refer our friends and family to Ryan and his team. If you need a first-class real estate professional in your corner, look no further!

Vanessa E. Ryan did a nice job acclimating me to the neighborhood and gave good feedback to someone who is new to Sacramento. I appreciate his professionalism and patience. All in, we purchased a home within 4-6 weeks of looking and were able to close in a month on our new house. Ryan was available with advice and gave me timely responses throughout the whole process.

Whitney R. We bought our first house in May of ’16, and sold that same house 4 years later, both with the help of Ryan Boggs. I would without a doubt recommend Ryan for any of your buying/selling needs. He was always punctual, kind, and professional. He keeps a constantly open line of communication with his clients which I think really sets him above other realtors. There was never a moment where I thought “what is going on?!” because he constantly kept us in the loop. When we were selling our house we put our house on the market on a Thursday and we took it off Friday night. Ryan was constantly updating a spreadsheet for us during this time with all of our offers and the different details so we could compare side by side. We no longer live in the Sacramento area, but if we did we would for sure be using Ryan. Ryan Boggs and Porch Light Properties have incredible customer service, are highly skilled and knowledgeable, and I without a doubt recommend them to everyone. I have not one negative thing to say except that they aren’t in Phoenix, AZ for my personal home buying/selling needs.

Mark M. We met Ryan about 13 years ago, and have had several real estate transactions since. You couldn’t ask for a better representative to sell your home, or purchase a future home. Hard working, attentive, and very professional, always keeping you apprised of any detail during the process! I would highly recommend Porch Light Properties for all your real estate needs.

Ashley J. We worked with Ryan on the sale of our previous home and purchase of our house. He was great to work with: very friendly, patient when answering all my questions, thorough, and honest. I really appreciate how fair Ryan was when it came to selling our house. I believe that his approach was the main reason that our house sold for as much as it did and as quickly as it did. Additionally, he was very attentive to detail which helped us avoid mistakes that could have cost us time. Ryan’s connections in the industry were also helpful in getting our house sold. When it came to purchasing our new house, Ryan was also very helpful. The previous owners of the house ran into some delays with their bank, and Ryan was constantly updating us and offering assistance to close the sale. I would recommend Ryan to anyone that is looking to buy or sell a house. He is a professional, trustworthy, and honest.

Andy S. My first experience with Porch Light Properties was in 2005.  Ryan and his team represented us in the sale of our home in Rancho Cordova and the purchase of our new home in Cameron Park.  Wow!  What an experience.  We had been represented by other agents in the past, but had no idea what real, professional service looked like until we worked with Ryan.  Ryan represented us again two years later when we sold our Cameron Park home, and then again when we purchased another home in Rancho Cordova in 2012.  Needless to say, we have not, and will not, look to anyone else when we have a real estate need.  We refer him and his team to everyone we know!  Many of our friends and everyone in our family now looks to him exclusively.

Ryan has been patient with all our questions, very responsive when we’ve called or emailed him, shows an extensive knowledge of what’s happening in the market and gave us “real” advice, not just what we wanted to hear.  If he had concerns about the property, price, neighborhood, etc, he was nice enough to give us his professional perspective.

It’s awesome to see other customers have been as happy as we have and it’s great to read their reviews and see that Ryan is the real deal.  You won’t be disappointed!!  Give them a call and just see for yourself!  Then, come back like I did and write an HONEST review.  I know it will be another good one for this company.

Albert Y.  Ryan helped us sell our home in Roseville. Our friend Scott personally recommended him, and Ryan was awesome. We had to sell long distance, so we really needed someone we could trust. Ryan came through big time. He kept us posted at every stage of the sale process, not just by email, but sending us photos and videos as needed. He’s calm, positive, on top of things — just the best. Too bad he’s not down here in SoCal!

Update 5/7/17
So, due to an unfortunate combination of hackers, failed hard drives, and lost boxes, we *lost* our closing docs for the home we sold in Roseville. I emailed Ryan, and *ka-boom* — he sent me the documents right away! It’s been almost a year since we sold that house! Just absolutely amazing service. Thanks, Ryan!

Kristin R. Ryan helped me sell my 1st house and he is always smiling and super friendly. He kept in constant contact with me with any updates. SOLD quickly and it was pain free. I will definitely contact Porchlight Properties in the future for all my real estate needs.

George E. I have known Ryan Boggs for over 10 years and had the opportunity to conduct some business with him in real estate.  Ryan is one of the most honest and trustworthy realtors in the business. He’s a hard worker, knows his craft, and goes the extra mile with his clients and partners. He is acutely aware of how to market residential real estate from the selling side.  He’s also, a fantastic negotiator and results oriented from the buying side.  Ryan is a delight to work with and has a win/win attitude with transactions in his business and personal dealings.  Like a Benjamin Franklin, Ryan has the quality principled characteristics and values which make him a pleasure to work with: trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, accomplished, . . . Someone I highly recommend.

Dirk D. We met Ryan about 13 years ago, and have had several real estate transactions since. You couldn’t ask for a better representative to sell your home, or purchase a future home. Hard working, attentive, and very professional, always keeping you apprised of any detail during the process! I would highly recommend Porch Light Properties for all your real estate needs.

Linda S. Simply said Ryan is the best of the best!  In 2007 we began the search for our first home and when I say search, it meant looking at somewhere between 10-20 homes a day.  Some days it was just my husband, others just me.  Some homes were good, most were bad, but he stuck right by us and helped us find our perfect first home.

Fast forward to 2014 and our life changed for the better with the arrival of our little girl.  I changed jobs and we decided to move closer to our jobs to Vacaville.  We cautiously asked Ryan to give us a hand and he more than willingly accepted our request and our hunt was on.  In the meantime Ryan helped us sell our home and helped us get through some sticky situations.  Nonetheless we found a great home to raise our daughter, that includes a a much bigger yard for our 2 little pups, in a friendly and growing neighborhood.

We know that when the next search comes there is no question who we will be working with!

Lisa A. Ryan is absolutely fabulous! We looked at many houses and sometimes twice. He was always willing and made time for me. Ryan was always very professional. He often went above and beyond the call of duty. His calm demeanor made me feel comfortable and made the whole process run smoothly!

Erik Y. What can I say, Ryan was awesome during our new home purchase!  Our home buying process was complicated and had a lot of pieces that all had to fall in place at the right time.  Ryan took extra time and was extremely persistent with getting the paperwork and all dates in order to get us to closing.  This is the second time we have used Ryan in a real estate transaction as he helped us purchase our first home.  If we ever want to buy a third one, Ryan WILL be our real estate agent.  Thank you Ryan for everything you have done for our family!

Dennis A. Porch Light is amazing and after having worked with their team for many years, I have experienced numerous occasions when they have recommended AGAINST me buying a property – YES you read that right.  A Real Estate company recommending I not make a purchase that would pay them a commission.

The one time I bought in spite of their recommendation against buying, I lived to regret it – since they predicted the housing bubble burst (just before it actually happened).

They are easy to work with, honest, hard-working and know the market well.

Angel M. I when i started looking to buy a home i looked around. I found that Mr Ryan Boggs and PorchLight Reality to be most qualified. I am a Navy vetearn and he thanked me for my service and went above and beyond to help me and my family to find our first home that we would genuinely love. He made the process as painless as possible and looked out for me every step of the way to make i got the best deal possible. My 5 year old daughter has a room she is in love with because of him i owe him a massive debt of gratitude. If you want to buy a home Ryan and PorchLight Reality is definitely should be your only choice.

Jennifer L. Ryan was so great to work with. As first-time home buyers, he made us feel like we had all the information and every option available to make such a huge decision. He was extremely patient with us and let us work at our own pace while still providing us with much needed guidance and advice on the mortgage process or insight into the market. He was also really responsive and available, often making time within 24 hours to meet with us. He’s a really easy going person and very friendly, and when it came down to helping us compete for the house we wanted, he knew exactly what needed to be done  to get us into the right house We felt really comfortable with Ryan, and will definitely use him again.

Maria S. We met Ryan in 2007.  My husband and I were thinking of moving to the Sacramento area from the Bay area.  We had no idea where we wanted to purchase or even if we wanted to make the move.  Since we were traveling approximately 2 hours to get here, Ryan always had every appointment planned out so that we were able to see anywhere from 10 to 20 homes in one day.  It always amazed us that he was able to accomplish this so smoothly .  We looked at homes in from El Dorado Hills to Davis and locations in between.  We found our dream home which was being sold short, so we made an offer, only to have the bank take it off the market.  At this point we had seen so many homes we were ready to settle for anything and told Ryan we were going to make an offer on another home.  Ryan who knew us very well by now started listing the reasons we shouldn’t buy the home.  I thank God everyday he talked us out of buying that home.  If we had, we wouldn’t be living in the home of our dreams in Granite Bay with views of Folsom Lake.  We’ve bought and sold several homes throughout California, and I don’t know of any other realtor that was more concerned with our wishes than closing a deal.  They would have said hallelujah I finally found a house for them. That’s not what Ryan is all about.  He is a wonderful realtor, as well as a wonderful person. We have no plans on moving any time soon from our home, but if we ever decide to, we know who to call.  We continue to recommend Ryan to all of our friends as well as business associates. If you want a great realtor who will be honest with you in everything he says, look no further.  On top of that you will make a friend for life.

Christopher C. I do a lot of my business dealing based on referrals. Ryan at Porch Light came with a high recommendation. I set the interview and upon our first encounter, I knew I had struck gold. What a winner of a referral!! Ryan was professional from the onset and sold our primary residence faster than expected. What really impresses me about character is when problems pop-up (closing a house…there can be problems). THIS is where Ryan shined best, he was there every step of the way and explained the options and closed the deal with minimal hassle. I plan to use him again fro the next transaction.

Ashlee B. My husband and I were pretty nervous going from renting an apartment to purchasing our very first home but Ryan made it such an smooth, and easy transition. It was so helpful to have someone who took time to listen to and answer all of our many questions without making us feel like we were burdening him. He responded very quickly to all of our emails, and stayed on top of each step to make everything happen right on schedule. He also did all  of the communication with the seller, appraisers, loan officer, etc. so that we did not have to worry about any of that. I cannot imagine it going any smoother. So thankful for Ryan and we will definitely be going back to him for our next home purchase, whenever that may be!

Paul V. Having involved multiple times of property selling and purchasing, and years of business relation with Ryan Boggs at Porch Light Properties, I am more than pleased with him and Porch Light Properties for always representing appropriately my interest.
He, as a Sacramento native possesses proper knowledge both of the Sacramento and its suburb, and also the applicable and essential Real Estate rules and laws. Ryan has an invaluable knowledge to evaluate the quality of the structures and possible expenses involve. I highly recommend his and his Co’s services to accomplish successful transactions.

Doug H. Ryan and Porchlight Properties were such a help to me selling our house in Folsom.  His recommendation for pricing and staging the home demonstrated his expertise and insight.

What was especially helpful to us was his attention to detail and easy way to sign documents via email.  You see, were 400 miles away in Southern California.  Ryan helped me connect with reasonably priced repair companies that met all the requirements during our escrow period.

Lastly, Ryan’s coaching during the negotiation process was very helpful.  We received a very fair price and he was able to navigate how to move the deal forward even when the buyer had changes to their financing.  Its nice to work with someone so positive and realistic at the same time.

You get an expert with Ryan and a person who cares first about you and your family.

Sergei S. Ryan Boggs has sold 50 plus properties for us and we were highly satisfied with the transactions. He is always available / quick response, friendly and helpful. Ryan has impressive knowledge of the legality of the real estate business and we would highly recommend him.

Nancy G. Ryan helped me find the house I wanted to buy rather than the house that was easiest for him to sell. He never pressured me and was very patient about showing me alot of properties befoe I was ready to make a decision.
We did some createive financing that took some extra work on his part,. Ryan never complained and was always willing do do whatever he needed to do in a timely manner.  I have bought and sold homes in other states in the past and have never had an agent that was as easy to work with.I am thinking about entering into another real estate transaction in early 2014. I can’t imagine calling anyone except Porch Light Properties to help me with the transaction. I would highly recomend Porch Light Properties to my friends and relatives in the area.

Dawn G. We were lucky enough use Ryan ( Porch Light Properties) services on 2 different occasions. As this included my very first home purchase, he took the time to really listen and answer all of my questions.  He was always patient and made me feel very confortable when making decissions.  On both occasions Ryan was able to find us exactly what we were looking for. Ryan is extreamly knowledgeable and reliable.  He really took the extra time to assist us in all areas of our purchases.
I would highly recommend Porch Light Properties for your next purchase.

Keith R. Consider for a moment what you wish you could find in an ideal partner to guide and assist you through your real estate transactions:  Broad expertise in all aspects?  Proven local experience?  Professionalism?  Personal Service?  Enjoyable to work with?  “Can do” attitude?  Recommendations that are based solely on YOUR needs and priorities without a thought of how it does or does not benefit the real estate company?   Taking care of what needs to be done before you think of it?  Honesty and integrity above all else?

If these resonate with you, combine them ALL and you can start to appreciate what a special company Porch Light Properties is.  They absolutely get it.   We’ve done business with the folks at Porch Light for over 10 years and couldn’t imagine working with anyone else on our real estate deals!

Pono B. Porch Light is as good as it gets, Ryan assisted us in the sale of our first home and I can honestly say Porch Light Properties was by far the easiest to work with. We have dealt with many agents over the past few years and “believe me” there was no comparison. There are many obstacles you face when purchasing or selling your home and Ryan will take the time to guide you through the process and help with any questions that you may have. Ryan knew exactly what price range to list our home at and within a few days we were receiving multiple offers for as much as 11k over the asking price! After discussing the many offers we were getting and careful review he called us with the strongest offer recommendation and the offer stuck. He guided us through escrow and the negotiating process with ease and we ended up selling the home at 11k over asking price! I know the market also played a part in the price but other homes in our neighborhood were sitting at the same time or were negotiated down to a lower sale price. Ryan got us the best deal possible, I highly recommend Porch Light Properties!!!